Employment Fund Project

Employment Fund Project Details

  1. Brief Training Program Description:
  • Name of the Occupational Skill/Trainings:
  • Community Livestock Assistant (CLA)
  • Mobile Phone Repair Technician
  • Tailoring (Dress Making)
  • Occupational Skill Standard Level:

National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) is an authorized government organization in Nepal which measures occupational skills standards of graduates. NSTB on examining the skill test products, issues skill proficiency certificates after the completion of training skill test of Level -1 organized by the institute.

  • Introduction and Purpose of the Training:
  • Labor market now has become more specialized and recent economy demands higher levels of skill, Support professional, career development and social protection of individuals.
  • Feed economy with qualified staff competitive both on local and international labor market; ensuring a match between the fast changing labor market and VET system.
  • Maintain competitiveness of employed be re-training and professional development.
  • Foster appropriation of the people’s educational capacities with the new social-economic conditions to support self-employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Support student mobility; Ensure professional development of minority groups and create employment opportunities for them.
  • Announcement and Trainee Selection Process:

Public announcement was started from 22nd Feb 2014. We done about 15 days public announcement .We used several means of public announcement to disseminate information. We followed all norms as prescribed by trainee selection guideline of Employment Fund (EF) during trainee selection. Selection process was prioritized so as to include marginal groups & poor people as most as possible and the institution believes selection process was fair enough.

  • Short description on Occupational Skill Standard, Curriculum and Manual followed:

All the training courses are 3 months duration (390 hrs. and more) which are developed by CTEVT. All training courses we have mentioned here to conduct training had OP and OSS developed by CTEVT. We also provided handouts & manual to every trainees of related trade. After the completion of training, skill test was organized by institute of level-1 in the presence of NSTB which provided skill proficiency certificate after conducting skill test of graduates.


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