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Nepal Engineering and Technical Science Academy Pvt. Ltd has been working in engineering and construction sector with an overall objective of production of basic level trained human resources in Computer science, Engineering (construction) science; and empowerment of the downtrodden community of mid-western region including poor women and other deprived community since 1999 AD. Most of the youth of the region have got opportunities to study in their own area because of NETSA existence in Sukhet.

Civil Sub Overseer,  Junior Computer Technicians are the mid level (15 months) course developed by CTEVT which includes various subjects like Carpentry, Furniture, Electricity, Water Supply, Drainage & Sewage, Hygiene & Sanitation, Plumbing, Masonary, Tile & Marble  Fittings etc. These courses are regulated by CTEVT. Market oriented many short term trainings (3months duration) courses have been developed by CTEVT and other national and international organizations working in employment of dropped out youth which are based on the Civil engineering curriculum. The skilled human resources are getting employment in local construction works and abroad easily. They get good reimbursement on daily, monthly wage/contracts basis. Most of them are self-employed who have become entrepreneurers in this sector.

Likewise, the Academy is running several short-term skilled training programs based on CTEVT curriculums and others. These programs will be focusing the need of the national and international Labor market. These short courses are most popular among dropped out youth. They prefer these short courses trainings to get better job in construction sectors anywhere in the world. These programs will be either sponsored or un-sponsored. Till days the organization is focusing mainly on the unsponsored types of short training programs. During the last eight year it trained more than 1,000 students which were both sponsored and unsponsored in nature. We have conducted training on Carpentry, Building Electrician, Plumbing, Furniture Maker, Mason, House wiring, Netting etc.

The organization is also providing various types of short term training programs to various construction companies. The list of companies for whom it provided various training programs were included Lama Construction, Bajra Construction, Mudbari construction, Anjana  Nirwan Sewa, Prera Nirwan Sewa, Dolkha Nirwan Company, Mahadev Khimti Nirwan Sewa,YP Construction etc. The nature of services provide to these company were various types of  refreshment and training programs to their in house labor in the areas like Plumbing, House Wiring, Plumber, Furniture, Scalfolder, Steel Fixer, Welding, Pipe fitter, Water supply and  Carpentry.

Our participants mainly are dropped out youth including conflict affected persons, Women, Dalit, Janjati, Kamaiya, Haliya, deprived poor people.

A. Vision:

A peaceful and prosperous Nepalese society without any unskilled community and society.

B. Mission:

The Mission of NETSA is to train of middle class and downtrodden people of the community acquainting them with their rights to bring a systemic visible change in the Nepalese society.C. Goal:

Situation of western community, trained human resources, employment opportunities improved and socio-economic status of downtrodden and remote people improved.

D. Objectives:

  • Educate downtrodden people of the society.
  • Provide Vocational education on all discipline on engineering and health in their home town so as to reduce financial burden of the students.
  • Improve the situation of  accountability, awareness of education and skilled human resource  participation in local development
  • Support in effective service delivering capacity of the local service provider institutions
  • Capacity enhancement of such people
  • Livelihood improvement of downtrodden people of the society/community
  • Create awareness on human health and sanitation including HIV/AIDS
  • Conservation of local natural resources
  • Contribute in employment of Conflict Affected Persons, dalit, janajati, adibasi and marginalized people etc.

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